The one-time world-record elk rack is moving

Known as the John Plute elk rack, the elk was the World Record Typical Bull Elk as scored by Boone & Crockett for 115 years. It was shot in 1899 and sat atop the record book until the 1990s, when an elk killed in Arizona’s White Mountains relegated the Crested Butte trophy to second place by about a quarter of an inch.

Legend has it that John Plute shot the elk for meat in Dark Canyon. He left the rack but went back to retrieve the antlers after telling people how big it was. In 1915, he gave the rack to a bar owner to pay his tab. The Rozman family eventually inherited the saloon where the antlers were hung.

The John Plute Elk Rack was moved yesterday (Thursday 4/27)  from the Crested Butte/Mt Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce to the Crested Butte Heritage Museum aka Tony’s Conoco which will host a “Welcome Home” party on Sunday, May 27, 2018 4-6pm.