Horse Properties

crested butte horse property land ranch The wide open, ranchland expanses of the East River Valley will draw you in from the first time you drive up to Crested Butte. Grand spaces and panoramic vistas are abundant and make for a comfortable setting to keep horses. The amount of public lands and trails compliment the lifestyle as well, and riders will enjoy a quick run around the property or connecting all the way to the North Fork Valley, Aspen, Tin Cup and beyond.There are a number of important factors in considering a property suitable for horses, some communities are intended specifically for horses in addition to a number of private homes. Explore what Crested Butte has to offer by speaking with a Coldwell Banker Bighorn expert about these special properties today.

Horse & Ranch Locations

  • Danni Ranch
  • Roaring Judy
  • Ohio Creek
  • Taylor Canyon
  • The Reserve on the East River