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Condo vs. Townhouse

When you buy a condominium, you’re purchasing one living unit that is located on a common piece of property that is co-owned by a number of other condo owners.  In other … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for an Excellent Open House part 4

Preparations for the Day of the Open House – Place a bouquet of flowers in the entry way – Brew coffee and bake cookies for the potential buyers – Relax and … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for an Excellent Open House part 3

Schedule the Right Time There’s nothing more frustrating than going to the trouble of getting your home ready for an open house…. and not having a single person show up. … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for an Excellent Open House part 1

Maximize your shot at success. Your property needs to be in the best possible light when you are hosting an open house. Follow these to-do lists to prepare your home for … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for an Excellent Open House part 2

Stage Your Home Stage each room in your home for its optimal use. You personally may not have used your guest room or patio often, but you should still stage these areas … [Read more...]

Finding Puppy Love at Home

Your Lifestyle Are you a homebody or an on-the-go type of person? It is important to take a look at your lifestyle and determine if you truly have the time needed to … [Read more...]

Tax Breaks for First Time Home Buyers part 3

Additional First Time Home Buyer Advantages Home Improvements: If you purchase a fixer-upper, all improvements you make to your home from landscaping to new doors and … [Read more...]

Tax Breaks for First Time Home Buyers part 2

What exactly is tax deductible when buying a house for the first time? Real Estate Taxes Each year, you can deduct your local property taxes on Form 1040 Schedule A. To … [Read more...]

Tax Breaks for First Time Home Buyers part 1

What exactly is tax deductible when buying a house for the first time? SHARON LEE MAR 15, 2018 Buying a home can sound like an intimidating undertaking if you’ve … [Read more...]

Crested Butte joins Epic Pass

Epic Pass: Crested Butte Mountain Resort joins 63 other mountain resorts around the world as part of Vail Resorts' ski pass deal. Pass holders will get 7 free days to … [Read more...]

New Pet at Home Article 4

The great outdoors. Just like many of us, dogs and cats love basking in the sun and exploring nature. Consider installing a pet door so they can go in and out as they … [Read more...]

New Pet at Home Article 3

In the living room. One of the biggest concerns here is ensuring your pet doesn’t claw up your furniture. Leather and synthetic fibers are great options for sofas since … [Read more...]

New Pet at Home Article 2

In the bathroom. Toilet bowl water is commonly contaminated with chemical cleaners, so you probably don’t want your pet drinking or falling into it. You can use the same … [Read more...]

New Pet at Home Article 1

In the kitchen. The biggest danger in the kitchen is when pets help themselves to toxic foods left out on the counter, or worse, from the trash. Just like humans, raw … [Read more...]

Creative Closets

Closets are no longer limited to storing clothes, linens or random odds and ends. You can actually discover more living space and streamline storage for your lifestyle in … [Read more...]

Spring Selling Checklist

With spring selling season around the corner, it’s time to give your home the boost it needs to meet today’s buyers' expectations. Take advantage of being inside during … [Read more...]

Productive Workspace Tip 2

Choose Your Location Wisely Having the right setting for a home office can make or break your progress. Dedicating a full room to work is a great setup, preferably away … [Read more...]

Productive Workspace Tip 3

Sit Pretty With typical work days of eight hours, your choice of seating can make a big difference for your well-being. Prioritize comfort over style and invest in a … [Read more...]

Productive Workspace Tip 1

Look to the Light After you find a location for your office, draft your ideal layout. Start by situating the desk in front of an expansive window or door to the outside … [Read more...]

Sunset and Powder

Last night Crested Butte had a beautiful sunset and this morning we woke up to 2 inches of fresh powder. Gotta love a little pow in the morning! … [Read more...]

Dog Sledding

Looking for something new and different from skiing, try dog sledding. Being pulled by a friendly team of Alaskan Husky dogs through the wilderness is a fun way to … [Read more...]

Cota – Giving new life to batteries

One of the most impressive, brilliant pieces of smart home technology is truly minimalist and essentially invisible. Any parent who has dealt with the whining (or … [Read more...]

Crested Butte sure has some beautiful sunrises!

The sunrises and sunsets in the Crested Butte area have been spectacular in the recent months. When you wake up, look out the window and see a pink mountain, you know … [Read more...]

How to Winterize Your Bedroom for Cozy Comfort

Pile on fuzzy textures and transform your bedroom into a snowy sanctuary for naps and lounging. Get ready to cuddle up in bed with your significant other, furry friend … [Read more...]

Learn to skate ski for free

Hosted by the Crested Butte Nordic Center, learn to skate ski for free on January 17th at 12 noon. If you can't make that one, there are 2 other dates. January 24th and … [Read more...]


Crested Butte Mountain Resort has received over 20 inches of new snow in the past 5 days! With 78 runs open and 13 of 15 lifts spinning, now is a great time to visit. … [Read more...]

Early Blood Draw in Crested Butte

EARLY BLOOD TESTS IN CRESTED BUTTE Wednesday, January 24 & Thursday, January 25th 6:30 am to 9:00 am Queen of All Saints Parish Hall * Online registration opens … [Read more...]

How to keep your dog safe?

Our dogs show us unconditional love, so in return we should make sure they are as safe as possible in our homes. Here are some tips to keep in mind! You’ve heard of … [Read more...]

Mountain High Music Festival this week!

This year's Mountain High Music Festival features Toby Keith, Jamey Johnson, Kellie Pickler and of course Dean Dillon. More artists performing are Tracy Byrd, Scotty … [Read more...]

2018 Home Upgrades

The best way to personalize your space and give it a fresh, polished vibe is to make upgrades—big or small—that let your personality shine. Whether you’re ready to … [Read more...]